Terms and Conditions

for the rental of Foochow Building Auditorium are as follows:-

1. Usage and Timing

A surcharge of $300 will be levied per hour or part thereof if Lessee and guests lease beyond the booked session. 3.00pm for morning and 11.00pm for the afternoon sessionrespectively. Prior to the session commence, the lessee is entitled up to 3 hours for event preparation, such as decoration and table arrangement, beyond which $100 per every additional hour or part thereof shall be charged. Additional hours required for preparation work shall be confirm at least one month priorto the event date and the nonrefundable additional fee fully paid.

2. Payment

a. 50% rental fee to be paid in cash to confirm the booking. The balance payment, such as the security deposit; extra hours prior to the event and any other expenses to be paid one month before the function date.

b. The balance payment can be made in cash or by crossed cheque payable to “FOOCHOW BUILDING MANAGEMENT PTE LTD”. Lessee must produce the official receipt or rental confirmation to the security guard for inspection before the premises will be open.

3. Security Deposit

The security deposit shall be refunded upon:
a. The premises return in clean and hygienic condition, all items and equipment brought in by the lessee or guests removed, all debris and waste materials of whatever nature shall be properly disposed, the management reserve the right to engage external cleaner to make good any unsatisfactory condition at lessee expense, and
b. Restitution of any damages or loss of assets or equipment. The security deposit shall be deduced or part thereof against any surcharge or restitution of the assets damaged or lost, the balance then refund.

4. Smoking is Prohibited

The building and the premises is monitor by CCTV, video footage of any offenders will be duly send to NEA for prosecution, and furthermore, we will impose a fine of $ 400 to be deduced in the security deposit.

5. Others

a. The Lessee shall make own arrangement for site set up, including decoration and table arrangement.
b. The booking fees and rental paid will not be refundable.
c. The Lessee shall comply with all Government and other relevant regulations such as Public Entertainment Licence (PEL), Licence/Permit for use of copyright music and Police and Fire Brigade Permits if applicable.
d. The Lessee and guest agreed the premises shall not be used for political purposes.
e. The Lessee agreed no nails or drawing pins or adhesive agent shall be use on to the wall or curtain, to take due care of the facilities and to make good any loss or damage.
f. The Lessee shall indemnify and keep indemnified Foo Chow Building Management Committee in full from and against:-
  • Any interruption in any of the services, all claims demands actions suits proceedings orders damages costs losses and expenses of any nature whatsoever.
  • For any loss or damage occurring during or resulting from the use of the premises.
  • For any loss or damage injury death caused to the Lessee, guests and the public by whatever cause.
g. Lessee shall take all safety precaution to avoid blocking corridor, lobby, staircase, building front porch, emergency exits of the building and auditorium.
h. The Committee may cancel any booking without giving any reason. In the event of the cancellation by the Committee the deposit and booking fees paid shall be refunded. The Committee shall not be liable to the Lessee for any consequential loss or damage whatsoever and however arises.
i. Not to bring to the premises arms, ammunition or unlawful goods or any explosive, toxic or combustible substance or any substance of a dangerous nature. Any activities involve the use of fire is prohibited within the building premises.